Egg Biryani (Anda Biryani - Flavored rice with eggs)

egg biryani

What you will need:
  • Basmati Rice - 1.5 cups
  • Onions - 2 large, sliced
  • Tomatoes -  1 large, sliced
  • Eggs - 5 to 6 , boiled
  • Green chillies - 3 to 4
  • Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
  • Mint leaves - a small bunch
  • Coriander leaves - a bunch
  • Yogurt - 1/2 cup
  • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp
  • Whole spices (bay leaf, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, peppercorn)
  • Shahi jeera - 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Ghee - 3 tbsp

How to prepare

  • Boil 4 cups of water and add basmati rice with salt and whole spices. When the rice is about 75% done, drain the water and spread the rice on a plate so the water evaporates and each rice grain is separate.
  • In a heavy bottomed skillet add 2 tbsp of ghee. Add sliced onions and fry the onions until they turn deep brown. Remove the onions and set aside. 
  • In the same pan, add shahi jeera, ginger garlic paste, green chillies, half of the chopped mint and coriander leaves one by one, frying each item as you add it. Mix everything well and then add finely chopped tomatoes. Cover and cook until the tomatoes are well cooked and the ghee separates from the sides of the pan. Add boiled eggs and coat the eggs with the tomato mixture. Add yogurt and lemon juice. Let it simmer for about 2 minutes and set aside the mixture.
  • To the same pan, add 1/2 tbsp of ghee, layer it with half of the cooked rice, egg mixture and half of the browned onions. Now add another 1/2 tbsp of ghee, and top it with the rest of the mint and coriander leaves, remaining rice, egg mixture and onions. Cover the pan with a tight lid and cook on a low flame for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Turn the heat off and mix all the layers well before serving.


callezee said...

It looks tastier than traditional chicken biryani..

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Beautiful pictures and very tempting

Andre said...

I can't wait to try out this recipe. It looks so flavorful. My entire graduation party was centered around Indian cooking. Look forward to more!

John3:16 said...

Lol Great! Now I am extremely hungry. :p

ZeeKhana Khazana said...

This looks like simple and tasty. The combination is healthy and attractive. I like such easy food recipe ideas and can inspire my to cook.